Looking for the best place to learn UX Design?

Looking for the best place to learn UX Design

Looking for the best place to learn UX Design? We got you covered! Let’s walk through some best places where you can learn UX Design. Before we start, you may be wondering why I am using the word UX instead of UI design, right? Did I guess right? Yeah, I know the difference between UI and UX lol! Just joking 🙂

The reason why I am using is that in today’s world not only Good UI matters but Good UX is extremely important. Designing good and aesthetic UI is relatively easy as compared to Designing a whole new better Experience. UIs are just a part of UX. So I try to cover most of the things, not just only Design.

List of sources:

  1. Interaction Design Foundation
    Price: Paid

    Member can take all courses for free. No additional costs. No extra fees. No limits. You can get online and self-placed UX Design courses, Industry-trusted Course Certificates.
  2. Youtube
    Price: Free
    Yeah Youtube, how anyone can ignore the fact that youtube has a plethora of premium content, just you need to dig a little bit that’s all. Even most of the UX learning, I get from Youtube. I love Youtube honestly. Just you need to do a little bit of searching and boom! you will get to know how insane can youtube content be!
  3. Hackdesign
    Price: Free
    An easy-to-follow design course for people who do amazing things. The lessons are delivered to your email inbox each week, with links to articles, tutorials and cheat sheets, and a task list to get you thinking about good design and working towards improving your skills.
  4. Instagram
    Price: Free
    Yeah again, Really Instagram. As we know, we humans have the very little attention span, and day by day it is reducing, right? So in Instagram creators really try hard to deliver quality content in a very comprising manner, so in short, you get quality information in no time. Yeah I know Instagram is a place for hanging around with friends and sharing memes but just try, just search (#hastages, or search UX/UI) you will get to know some of the great profiles.
    Here are a few I am listing, but explore more!
    1. UX Planet
    2. UI Bucket
    3. UI/UX supply
    4. UX.base
    5. Anfisign
    6. ui8net
    7. Bazen Agency
    8. Interaction Design Foundation
    9. Micheal Fillipiuk
    10. UX trends
  5. Skillshare
    Price: Paid (One month Free)
    Learn a new skill each day. Learn creative skills in just 15 min, a day with bite-sized lessons you can fit in anywhere.
  6. Coursera
    Price: Paid (but provides financial aids)
    Take the world’s best courses, online. It’s the largest and most eclectic catalog for online higher education. Enroll in either self-paced or timed classes, ranging between four and twelve weeks. which can be shared via Linkedin.
  7. Adobe Learnings | Invision | Figma
    Price: Paid and Free
    Learn none other than Industry Experts. These giants don’t only provide tools and services they also offer educational content so that any user can go and learn and become an expert n UI/UX field.
  8. Udemy
    Price: Paid
    Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 40,000 courses taught by expert instructor.

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