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Understanding the Challenge

Understanding the project, identify the problem and opportunities.

Paymentr App Project Idea came up with the frustration. That’s the only source of inspiration. Almost all of us uses any kind of subscriptions and sometimes it is hard to track each and every right? And when you see your Bank Statement you get to know that some random subscription is charging and it’s frustrating. So the idea was pretty simple, just create a User Friendly app which can track your expenses that’s it.

Implementing the Solution

Analysis, Implement, Feedback

Once we were clear on our thoughts, what we exactly looking for? Now it’s time to analyse the current available options in the market. All of those were paid or not upto the mark but as a design agency you have to turn not so looking good design into so good looking design (of course usability is important).

Work Process

First we try to understand the idea behind the project, we not that down and do couple of meeting to understand what exactly our client wants, based on that we do our research.


After analysing the competitor and similar product, we do a quick wireframing, once we done that now It's time to design High Fidelity design. During Research we also gather the design inspiration (as mentioned) we start design the product based on those inspiration and design style.

Research and Userflow

After understanding the behind idea of projects, we now do market research, we try to search similar product out their? How they are doing? How we can improve and what we can skip? we can be different fro others. Based on that we also gather design idea and inspiration.


Once we design all the required screens, now it's time to test the UX and Usability of the product. Prototyping also helps to make developer to understand more about products and user flows.

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