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Featured Meet 7
Understanding the Challenge

Understanding the project, identify the problem and opportunities.

Meet7 is a dating application, but it’s just not on an ordinary Dating App it’s mainly works on Machine Learnings and Artificial Intelligence. So the concept was that user will set up 7 dates and based on the prefrences user moves on and start their beautiful life with new partner. Our job was to make website more user friendly and Minimal, we have to make website simple and appealing. Website should be small and servers it’s purpose.

Implementing the Solution

Analysis, Implement, Feedback

We were clear about the client’s requirements. The requirement was pretty simple and straight forward they want minimal and appealing website, for our inspiration we analysis different but similar service oriented website like Bumble, Tinder, Happn and more. But non of those design concept we were looking for! After more research we take the inspiration from Hinge .

Work Process

First we try to understand the idea behind the project, we not that down and do couple of meeting to understand what exactly our client wants, based on that we do our research.


After analysing the competitor and similar product, we do a quick wireframing, once we done that now It's time to design High Fidelity design. During Research we also gather the design inspiration (as mentioned) we start design the product based on those inspiration and design style.

Research and Userflow

After understanding the behind idea of projects, we now do market research, we try to search similar product out their? How they are doing? How we can improve and what we can skip? we can be different fro others. Based on that we also gather design idea and inspiration.


Once we design all the required screens, now it's time to test the UX and Usability of the product. Prototyping also helps to make developer to understand more about products and user flows.

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